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Cord have partnered with SoundOut who provide the world's most advanced insight automation platform.  They enable you to instantly test a wide range of digital assets, music, movie trailers, commercials, concepts, brand value, pricing and much more.  With fully automated yet highly configurable results sets and on-the-fly dynamic project creation we operate at an unmatched speed, accuracy, cost and scale.

90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously and are therefore almost entirely driven by emotion rather than logic.

As with human relationships, the strength of a consumer’s emotional relationship with a brand is based on the resonance with, and respect for, the emotional brand values.   To build and retain brand equity it has never been more critical to be consistent in that relationship, and brands must ensure that every campaign, commercial, soundtrack, voiceover and digital asset underpins and reinforces those emotional brand values. 

SoundOut BrandMatch is a powerful new product enabling you to quantitatively benchmark your core emotional brand values against the actual consumer perception of your brand values at any point in time.

Brandmatch enables you to accurately measure the emotional brand values associated with any piece of media, be it a song, a video, a marketing message or imagery – and then demonstrate precisely how close a match it is to your brand.

How it works

First you ‘defines’ the emotional brand values/positioning via a simple yet powerful tool below.  Next we ask several hundred individuals in our panel to do the same, on the brand or on a piece of music you are considering using.  The resultant outputs are passed through a number of proprietary algorithms and the output reveals the closeness of match – and identifies where and why there is misalignment, either generally or by any desired demographic.