For the last 127 years Coca-Cola has been encouraging people to share ‘happiness’. CORD worked closely with McCann Spain to put together a music strategy focused on targeting a millennial consumer base and helping to share the message of ‘happiness’. We were asked to create an original piece of content that would be consumed in a new and original way.


The process kicked off with an extensive national and international market analysis and music group search. The main objective was to find a group that would fit the brands needs:  a well-known band that had recently launched an album,  a group that could offer an unreleased song to use for the activation and finally, a group that would be performing around Spain at the time of the launch of the app.

The band Crystal Fighters were selected and CORD worked alongside Coca-Cola and the band to create ‘Love Alight’; the song that only exists if you share it.  The song is divided into four different audio tracks: vocals, guitar, percussion and   synthesizers.   Anyone that downloads the app can listen to one of the four stems. The only way to enjoy the complete song is to meet up with three other people with the same app to play these four synchronised stems. 


Coca-Cola launched the mobile application at exactly the same time as Crystal Fighters were performing in six different cities across Spain. Towards the end of the campaign, the track ‘Love Alight’ was aired by BBC6 and became one of the most important alternative hits of the summer in the UK. The Shared Song app also had a number of nominations at Cannes Lions Festival, including the Promo and Activations, Media and Mobile categories.