Coca Cola : Subway

Coca-Cola Subway

Over the past year, Coca-Cola has made a significant shift in its global marketing strategy, reinforcing the brand by uniting all of its variant products.
McCann-Erickson Spain has been chosen to work on two of the brand’s campaigns due to launch during 2017. The key objective is to integrate all of the brand's creative ideas into a singular brand strategy, thereby replacing the tagline “Open Happiness” with the new “Taste the Feeling” platform.

One of these two creative routes is strongly tied to music, as the main character of the campaign is a busker on the metro. As a result, music supervisors were required to oversee the project and see the campaign through from audition phase through to the final recording and production of the music track.

Thanks to CORD and McCann Spain’s long-term partnership, the agency invited CORD to be an integral part of the campaign.


The process kicked off with the production of a demo video that allowed the brand to test the adaptability and creativity of the campaign in all of their markets. Once this demo was presented and approved, a worldwide search for music houses and artists ensued.

CORD competed with five other music agencies to activate its global network of contacts, searching for the best music talent for the campaign.

Maria Bradshaw, an upcoming Portuguese singer (who had recently become one of the finalists on the popular TV show, The Voice), was finally chosen to unite the world’s number one beverage brand under the new tagline “Taste the Feeling”.

Alongside searching for the best talent for the campaign, CORD produced an acoustic and Pop/Rock arrangement of the original song. These two musical choices were designed to suit the campaign’s musical direction and the artist’s personality and voice.

The new version of "Taste That Feeling" was recorded and produced by CORD Spain at Mg Studios, a celebrated recording studio in Spain, where artists such as Joaquin Sabina, Charly Garcia or Pablo López have all recorded major hits.