BEEFEATER London Sounds : Digital Experience



The joy of discovering music by whatever means - in a record store, on the radio, a friend’s recommendation - is the driving force behind Beefeater London Sounds online activation.

CORD was instrumental in developing an online activation that became the centrepiece of the Beefeater London Sounds 360 campaign, targeting the brand’s core demographic of 20 - 30 year olds, encompassing a Limited Edition bottle design, and extending to events including an activation in London Gatwick airport and even a pop up record store.


We designed a web app that leverages Spotify and Google maps - in our opinion the two best things the internet has to offer! - merging them to produce a never-before-seen online database of London’s music, rich with content and multimedia, laid over a London map.

Over 1,000 tracks from hundreds of artists have been lovingly curated by CORD, each with a specific location, written review, YouTube video and photos. Legendary gigs and venues from the past are remembered and celebrated, and constantly updating charts showing the most popular music being listened to on the platform. Everything is shareable on social media, as Facebook and Twitter have been carefully integrated throughout.

Playlists of favourite tracks can be exported to Spotify where the experience continues to be enjoyed and shared long after the web app has been visited.


The multi-lingual site has proven to be a success, with tens of thousands of visitors from 96 countries, average dwell time of several minutes, hundreds of playlists created and shared, reaching new audiences firmly within Beefeater’s target demographic. A new conversation about London music exploded online, with Beefeater at the very heart of it.