Best Day Of My Life

Seven bright energy ideas. Six international artists. One purpose: a global collaboration to support more and cleaner energy. Shell believes the spirit of collaboration can transform anything - from a piece of technology through to the power of music.


From the start CORD pitched music as the medium for Shell’s ambitions. Working closely together we developed a strategy which would use music to bring people from around the world together and help young people understand the innovations that will be required to meet the world’s energy challenges.


The process kicked off with an extensive, global song-search, resulting in the selection of the track ‘Best Day of My Life' by American Authors. This anthemic track contains a catchy chorus and lyrics that communicate a simple and clear message, a crucial element given the global nature of the campaign.

It was important that an experienced producer with vision was engaged to transform the track into a hit for 2016. Grammy award-winning DJ/Producer Steve Aoki was brought on board to work his magic and re-record and re-mix the track. 

We invited five international award-winning artists to be a part of the campaign and they came together in New York to record the song and be a part of the groundbreaking music video. Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, Brazilian singer Luan Santana, British Performer Pixie Lott, Nigerian idol Yemi Alade and China’s pop-star Tan WeiWei were all instrumental in lending their experienced vocal abilities to give a global track local flavour and relevance. Each performer brought with them extensive social followings in their own territories and helped to spread the message of a brighter energy future and transform shares into true engagement with an interested millennial audience. 

On 28th September 2016 ‘Best Day of My Life’ was launched in a favela in Rio De Janiero via Facebook Live. The viral video was promoted via YouTube, Live-Nation, Facebook and Snapchat, including an interactive music video and social media support from the artists. 


The ‘Best Day of My Life’ viral video has since become a global phenomenon and a massive success for Shell in engaging millennials around sustainable energy.

  • Global No.1 Viral Video of 2016 – Ad Age
  • 211,000,000 Facebook Views
  • 39,595,132 YouTube Views
  • 6 Weeks at the Top of Ad Age Viral Chart
  • 5 Weeks at the Top of Campaign Viral Chart


An integrated global campaign to launch Beefeater’s London Music themed limited edition bottle. 

Worldwide, the gin category is growing fast with Pernod Ricard’s Beefeater London Dry Gin, the world’s number 2 premium gin sold in 70 markets worldwide. However the brand’s share of market was affected by a decline in preference amongst its core 20-30 year old ‘Aspiring Socials’ demographic.

The challenge was to make the brand relevant and authentic to this audience and build consideration in order to regain leadership in the premium gin category and ultimately drive sales of the 2015 Limited Edition bottle.


Music is a universal passion point for this audience and acts as a social currency, especially in the digital space, enabling them to express their identity and share their passion for a favourite artist, track or genre. 

CORD’s strategic approach was to align the brand’s heritage and the product truth with the audience’s passion and establish an ownable space for the brand in London music culture. And in doing so realise the brand mission to celebrate the diversity and energy of modern London.


The Beefeater London Sounds integrated campaign was activated across a number of communication channels to raise awareness and drive engagement amongst the brand’s core audience.

A striking limited edition bottle identity and packaging design was developed to achieve visibility and stand out on shelf.

A broad range of point of sale items were developed for global markets for activation in on and off trade environments. A bespoke London Sounds installation was also created within a number of Travel Retail locations, including Gatwick Airport.  

The London Sounds digital platform immerses the user in a multimedia set of stories and sounds describing London’s rich musical history.

To launch the campaign in one of the brand’s key markets, Spain, a pop up vinyl record store was set up in Madrid’s music district. Over a period of two weeks, the store collaborated with London’s iconic Sister Ray Records to host a number of live performances of London tracks, performed by local artists, encouraging visitors to sip on a gin and tonic while browsing the vinyl.

Consisting of a specially curated database of content - from YouTube clips, album artwork to tracks powered by Spotify. Using the Google Maps interface, users are able to create their own journey via a series of filters ranging from music genre, to artist, to decade. 


The campaign launched in July 2015 with 23 markets placing orders. Tier 1 markets such as Spain, Germany, Portugal and Greece invested in offline and targeted online media activated in September and October.

The launch of the Beefeater London Sounds pop-up record store in Madrid gained significant coverage within lifestyle blogs and amongst Madrid’s music influencers.  Consumer engagement levels on the Beefeater London Sounds digital platform (measured as dwell time) averaged at 8.2 minutes. 

Coca Cola : Subway

Coca-Cola Subway

Over the past year, Coca-Cola has made a significant shift in its global marketing strategy, reinforcing the brand by uniting all of its variant products.
McCann-Erickson Spain has been chosen to work on two of the brand’s campaigns due to launch during 2017. The key objective is to integrate all of the brand's creative ideas into a singular brand strategy, thereby replacing the tagline “Open Happiness” with the new “Taste the Feeling” platform.

One of these two creative routes is strongly tied to music, as the main character of the campaign is a busker on the metro. As a result, music supervisors were required to oversee the project and see the campaign through from audition phase through to the final recording and production of the music track.

Thanks to CORD and McCann Spain’s long-term partnership, the agency invited CORD to be an integral part of the campaign.


The process kicked off with the production of a demo video that allowed the brand to test the adaptability and creativity of the campaign in all of their markets. Once this demo was presented and approved, a worldwide search for music houses and artists ensued.

CORD competed with five other music agencies to activate its global network of contacts, searching for the best music talent for the campaign.

Maria Bradshaw, an upcoming Portuguese singer (who had recently become one of the finalists on the popular TV show, The Voice), was finally chosen to unite the world’s number one beverage brand under the new tagline “Taste the Feeling”.

Alongside searching for the best talent for the campaign, CORD produced an acoustic and Pop/Rock arrangement of the original song. These two musical choices were designed to suit the campaign’s musical direction and the artist’s personality and voice.

The new version of "Taste That Feeling" was recorded and produced by CORD Spain at Mg Studios, a celebrated recording studio in Spain, where artists such as Joaquin Sabina, Charly Garcia or Pablo López have all recorded major hits.




BEEFEATER London Sounds : Digital Experience



The joy of discovering music by whatever means - in a record store, on the radio, a friend’s recommendation - is the driving force behind Beefeater London Sounds online activation.

CORD was instrumental in developing an online activation that became the centrepiece of the Beefeater London Sounds 360 campaign, targeting the brand’s core demographic of 20 - 30 year olds, encompassing a Limited Edition bottle design, and extending to events including an activation in London Gatwick airport and even a pop up record store.


We designed a web app that leverages Spotify and Google maps - in our opinion the two best things the internet has to offer! - merging them to produce a never-before-seen online database of London’s music, rich with content and multimedia, laid over a London map.

Over 1,000 tracks from hundreds of artists have been lovingly curated by CORD, each with a specific location, written review, YouTube video and photos. Legendary gigs and venues from the past are remembered and celebrated, and constantly updating charts showing the most popular music being listened to on the platform. Everything is shareable on social media, as Facebook and Twitter have been carefully integrated throughout.

Playlists of favourite tracks can be exported to Spotify where the experience continues to be enjoyed and shared long after the web app has been visited.


The multi-lingual site has proven to be a success, with tens of thousands of visitors from 96 countries, average dwell time of several minutes, hundreds of playlists created and shared, reaching new audiences firmly within Beefeater’s target demographic. A new conversation about London music exploded online, with Beefeater at the very heart of it.



For the last 127 years Coca-Cola has been encouraging people to share ‘happiness’. CORD worked closely with McCann Spain to put together a music strategy focused on targeting a millennial consumer base and helping to share the message of ‘happiness’. We were asked to create an original piece of content that would be consumed in a new and original way.


The process kicked off with an extensive national and international market analysis and music group search. The main objective was to find a group that would fit the brands needs:  a well-known band that had recently launched an album,  a group that could offer an unreleased song to use for the activation and finally, a group that would be performing around Spain at the time of the launch of the app.

The band Crystal Fighters were selected and CORD worked alongside Coca-Cola and the band to create ‘Love Alight’; the song that only exists if you share it.  The song is divided into four different audio tracks: vocals, guitar, percussion and   synthesizers.   Anyone that downloads the app can listen to one of the four stems. The only way to enjoy the complete song is to meet up with three other people with the same app to play these four synchronised stems. 


Coca-Cola launched the mobile application at exactly the same time as Crystal Fighters were performing in six different cities across Spain. Towards the end of the campaign, the track ‘Love Alight’ was aired by BBC6 and became one of the most important alternative hits of the summer in the UK. The Shared Song app also had a number of nominations at Cannes Lions Festival, including the Promo and Activations, Media and Mobile categories.