Shifting perceptions using the power of music.

Imodium set CORD two challenges: use music to unite sub-brands, and shift audience perceptions of the brand away from a chemical product to a product, that helps you enjoy 'Life in Rhythm' across time, territory and touchpoint. The objective was to create a range of musical assets, aligned to Imodium's brand values and deliver, in audible form, the key traits of the brand personality. 


Our team immersed themselves in a range of historical and current brand collateral. Through an understanding of the brand's new positioning and iterative audio moodboarding, we were able to map key brand values to their musical equivalents and identify a creative route for the future development of a range of musical assets.


We united sub-brands with a single 7-note mnemonic and brand anthem.  In order to educate global brand stakeholders and agency teams on how to incorporate these new assets in to brand communications, we delivered a clearly defined set of usage guidelines.


CORD now acts as the music guardian for the Imodium brand, and works alongside key brand stakeholders and agency teams to assist them in using new music and sound assets correctly and creativelyEndFragment.

Our team provides guidance with both strategic queries as well as production, licensing and administration.