On this weeks label series we are going to talk about Positive Records (created by EMI). At the end of this post if you like what you read and you love dance music, go check out the playlist that has been created at the bottom of the page containing some of the labels most successful tracks that you can rock out to.

Why do people love dance music? Dance music is something everyone listens to, it is a form of music where you can let loose and not think about anything. The label Positive Records has helped produce some of the most well known dance tracks that have been played in clubs all around the World.

This legendary label was founded in 1993 by Nick Halkes who previously ran XL Recordings and was approached by EMI to help set up their new label along with Dave Lambert, Nick Robinson. Since this label has been around they have helped the younger generation create music that will bring back the hype that was once owned by Punk music. In February 1994, a DJ called Erick Morillo, who was not well known the time, produced a track called “I Like To Move It”, this track hit the billboards hot 100 and managed to hit NO.5 on the UKs singles chart and is known as “club classic”.  Over the years they signed more artists such as Barbara Tucker who released tracks such as, "Beautiful People" and "Stay Together” in 1995.  Alice Deejay's “Better Off Alone” which became a hit track in the U.S and Europe, Kenny “Dope", pres The Bucket-heads “The Bomb” NO.5 in the charts, and many more. He is mostly known for signing the dance act “The Prodigy”.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 16.12.27.png

Positiva records has now been running for 20 years have continuously been releasing successful music. They have now had so many tracks such as “I Could be the One” by Avicii & Nicky Romeo, hitting No.1 on the charts which is really pushing their reputations as one of the most successful Dance labels around, "Titanium" by David Guetta, being know to have sold over 1 million UK singles and so so many more. With more coming from these artists the label It is safe to say that Positiva records has so much more to bring to the evolving dance music scene. They have helped create history by producing so many successful artists who have gone on to influence the younger generation to do what they love and be themselves.

There is a lot more coming from Positiva so keep your eyes peeled for some amazing music that will be coming your way.