Most Anticipated Albums of February

Despite only being one week into the month, there have already been some exciting releases this February.  Here are a select, yet diverse few that we would urge you to explore!


Homeshake - Fresh Air

Out now: Released 03/02/17

Fresh Air’ is the third studio album from lesser known the Canadian group Homeshake. Led by Peter Sagar, the former guitarist for Mac DeMarco, Homeshake explore a variety of exciting new sounds within this appropriately titled new record. Sagar’s third offering certainly is a refreshing update on the outdated ‘chillwave’ genre. Throughout the album Homeshake incorporate a more prominent synth-pop influence into their their traditionally off-kilter guitar style and modulated voices, that makes for more a nostalgic and campy entry into their catalogue.


Syd - Fin

Out now: Released 03/02/17

February also marks the release of “Fin”, the debut album from Syd “Da Kid” Bennett, founder of The Internet and former member of Odd Future. Syd’s distinctly smooth and seductive sound is exemplified even further through her solo debut. Fin maintains all the most attractive and sensual elements of Syd’s previous work whilst simultaneously revising them into a Jeremih-esque record, replete with deep bass lines and conventional R&B club rhythms. Syd herself describes this record as her “descent into the depth [she] wants the band to get to”.


Thundercat - Drunk.

Release: 24/02/17

Perhaps my own most anticipated release of this month is Thundercat’s ‘Drunk’. The multi-instrumental musical genius that is best known for his collaborations with Flying Lotus & Kendrick Lamar returns with a fourth solo album that is guaranteed to blow minds. The unique and soulful funk of ‘Drunk’ will be amplified even further through featured artists such as Pharrell, Kamasi Washington and even Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins, not to mention recurring collaborators Kendrick and Fly Lo! I’ll let the first single “Show You the Way” do the rest of the talking!





Sampha - Process

Out now: Released 03/02/17

It has been a long time coming... But after contributing to some of the best albums of 2016 with Solange, Drake, Kanye, and Frank Ocean, at long last Sampha releases his debut record. ‘Process’ bares all and much like his truly beautiful and distinctive vocals, Sampha breaks out from the shadows and puts his raw emotions out on full display. The album is an amazing insight into the core of Sampha himself, as an artist and an individual and cements him as a truly talented British artist, who deserves all, if not more, praise than Adele received for her debut.


Oddisee - The Iceberg

Release: 24/02/17

The end of the month also see the return of shrewd rapper Oddisee. Heavily influenced by early East Coast MCs such as Eric B. & Rakim, De La Soul, and A Tribe Called Quest, Oddisee is bound to deliver a politically charged and heartfelt album with the ‘The Iceberg’. After years on the underground circuit it is becoming increasingly evident that 2017 may finally be the year Oddisee finds his voice in the mainstream, a year in which his observations are perhaps more relevant than ever.



King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Flying Microtonal Banana

Release: 24/02/17

King Gizzard may be an incredibly acquired taste but it is hard not to admire their musical ambition. The Australian garage-psychedelic rockers intend to release five albums over the course of 2017, their first being this month’s “Flying Microtonal Banana”. King Gizzard have established themselves as one of the pioneers in the psychedelic revival we have been witnessing in recent years and although they may not be as accessible for the general listener as Pond or Tame Impala they are certainly one of the most adventurous and musically gifted bands on the circuit.