CORD Label Series // Soulection

This week our focus turns towards independent hip-hop and R&B label Soulection, a truly unique success story.

The story of Soulection begins with DJ and curator Joe Kay who, at only 23, formulated the idea that eventually developed into Soulection. Kay, now 27 runs his label and curates and hosts the Soulection radio show on Beats 1 Radio for Apple Music. 

Based in Los Angeles, Soulection has established itself as creative hive for genre-bending musicians and a strong contender to all major labels in picking up fresh talent. 

It has only taken Kay and Soulection a few years to accumulate a huge range of talent and create one of the most eclectic catalogues in hip-hop and R&B. Soulection has become a haven for genre-splicing beatmakers operating on the fringes of more traditional sound. There are no predetermined guidelines for being on the label, and yet every release has a unique unity. 

From the very beginning everything has been DIY for Kay and his co-founder Andre Power. The truth is Kay and Power weren’t even trying to start a business, to begin with they were simply looking for new and exciting sounds to showcase in their own sets and radio shows. Having fallen into the label business the two have taken a very hands on approach and owe much of their success to their ability to tap into the hyperconnectivity of the modern age, relying heavily upon internet platforms like SoundCloud, Mixcloud, BandCamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to grow its business. Within their first two official releases on Bandcamp the label made enough money purely through public appreciation naming their price for the downloads.

Soulection truly is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurial success stories in modern music, an impressive story within the context of the slowly declining industry. 

Listen to just a few of the sounds of tomorrow below: