Benefits of Curated Background Music #3

This is the third in a series of top tips for the effective use of curated background music. This week I am focussing on the fast food industry.

Attract a younger customer base

Music is one of the most recognised passion points for generation X and Y. It is also the most talked-about subject on social media. With a strategy in place that creates new experiences and moments around music, it is sure to resonate with the younger generation and make dining in your restaurant a more social experience.

In 2016, Wendy’s fast food restaurant chain partnered with indie rock band American Authors to promote the launch of their new Bacon Mozzarella Burger.

Brandon Rhoten, Vice President of digital, media and advertising at Wendy's said “The Bacon Mozzarella Burger is all about delicious, unexpected flavors, so it was natural to partner with a band that was looking for creative and unpredictable ways to release new music. The collaboration gives us the opportunity to provide exclusive, unexpected content."