A Few Bands You Should Know in Scandinavia

 Isak Strand vs TOE

A music group that has journeyed out of the darkest corners of Sweden and into the light of the grander music industry. The unique Isak Strand vs TOE... Normally it is easy to track the influences of a band, but in this case you cannot single out a specific genre, artist or era. The band channel sounds from reggae, jazz, pop and hip-hop, and that is what makes their sound unique. 

In 2013 the band released their last album, ‘Theory Of Everything’, which was nominated for ‘Breakthrough of the year’ by Gaffa, one of Demark's top music magazines. Although in 2014 they sadly announced that they would not be playing as a band anymore, they truly made their impact and solidified themselves as one of Sweden's most memorable underground bands. Their tunes are all available on YouTube and Spotify for your listening pleasure. Listen to


Jacob Dinesen


Jacob Dinesen, is a name that has been swirling around in the Danish media recently. The 21-year-old singer/songwriter has already taken Denmark by storm, with his first album and two radio hits (Dancing Devil and Will You Stay). His huge talent as a Folk/Rock/Americana/Pop singer continues to be shown on his two new singles, Beautiful Sight and Roll With Me. Jacob Dinesen seems to have proved himself as an artist that is here to stay and not fade away, and his mature sound considering his age is something to be admired.


Ulige Numre

Ulige Numre was a Danish Rock band that sadly ended their 6 year run this year. On the 13th of March the members broke the news to their fans on Facebook that they were no long continuing their project. They wrote: ‘”We had a great time, but everything has an end”.  

Of course the band didn’t just go out without any history, their previous albums such as Grand Prix and Nu Til Dags garnered wide critical acclaim and solidified them as a truly great modern Danish band. However, this is not the total end of the road for the group, as lead vocalist and lyricist Carl Emil Petersen has now gone solo and released his first single entitled "Life Before Death" (Liv Før Døden).


Written by Sebastian Johannsen