1. Sonic Branding: An Introduction


13 years ago, our CEO Daniel M Jackson wrote a book that marked a seminal moment in the history of sonic branding.  It emphasised the importance of sound and the missed opportunities that brands face when they don't take the time to consider how to use music and sound in their brand communications. The book is called ‘Sonic Branding: An Introduction’ and has been described as 'fascinating... erudite and entertaining in equal measure'. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing sections of the book.

"Sonic Branding is a hot topic and it is more than hot air. The interest and investment has come about because some of the most interesting and successful corporate and consumer brands out there practices some sort of sonic branding and have been doing so for many years.

Sonic branding is not a fad or the latest thing it is a codification of disparate but long-established business practices.”

Daniel M Jackson, CEO - CORD