Banks - "The Altar" Review


Released on September 30 2016 by Harvest Records, The Altar is Californian singer Banks’ second LP.

Many a grievance, the songs circulate the idea of sabotage from all sides- including within.

Despite Banks’ frosty exterior, The Altar defines personal, intimate empowerment throughout the album. ‘Trainwreck’ combines rapid lyrics about escaping from a negative relationship, as well as ‘Weaker Girl’, which dismisses a manipulative lover for preferring weakness to strength in their partners, keeping this message solid.

With uncertainty as to what category the genre falls into, The Altar covers the diverse, dark, alt R&B landscape. With minor, abstract melodies running through the album, ‘Fuck With Myself’ contains whispers and vocals with underlying messages relating to self-deprecation and songs such as ‘Judas’ incorporate these distinct, rhythmic, minor melodies.

‘Gemini Feed’ uses synthy openings and instrumentation and mellow tones surrounding the vocals to slightly muffle out and distort Banks’ distinctive voice.

The album can be heard here.