Throwback Thursday: Spice Girls - "Spice"


spice-girls-1024x602 It is easy to think back to the pop music of 1996 and cringe or chuckle at the thought of Boyzone, Peter Andre and Hanson, however, it is a year that produced one of the most influential British pop albums of all time. I am of course referring to the iconic introduction of Britain’s biggest girl group The Spice Girls.

The Spice Girls phenomenon took the world by storm; there was no escaping the burning question of “Who’s your favourite Spice Girl?”, no bedroom wall untouched by a Spice Girls poster and nobody who could resist humming along to the infectious tune of “Wannabe”.

spice-girls-britt-awards-1997-billboard-650 “Spice” became the biggest selling album by a female group in music history and one of the most successful albums of all time. The album is by no means a musical masterpiece and yet the album has become iconic within true pop music. Although vocally the girls are nothing remarkable it was their unrivalled personality, charisma and infectious melodies that allowed them to steal our hearts.

The Spice Girls empowered and united young women around the world through their message of friendship and Girl Power and despite being brought together by an advert the five Spices banded together to create a truly irresistible, immaculately crafted pop album that still holds up twenty years later. The charisma of each of the girls and the diversity of musical styles including from dance, funk, R&B, rap and soulful ballads truly establish “Spice” as one luscious treat.