Throwback Thursday: Beck - "Odelay"

beckodelay In the 90's perhaps no other album was more influential for Alternative Rock music than Beck’s seminal “Odelay”, the album that inspired artists to delve into more experimental elements within Alt. Rock and defined Beck as the genre bending maverick we know and love today.

Odelay’s incredible collage structure seamlessly blends strange sounds and obscure samples into Beck’s distinctive genre shifting style. These genres range from the folk and country of “Jack-Ass” to the blues and grungy garage rock of “Devil’s Haircut”, and even old-school rap, disparate samples and injections of cosmic electronica present in “Where It’s At”.


However, Beck does not simply imitate these styles, instead he twists conventions and subverts our expectations of each genre thereby developing his own undeniably unique quality, adding a further vibrancy and unpredictability to the album’s progression.

Much of this unpredictability can be credited to it’s production, which was handled by the Dust Brothers. Through their expert craftsmanship the Dust Brothers tied together Beck’s variegated and eccentric sound and despite the many contradictions within the album made the ossicallisions between genre and composition seem natural and not quite as drastic.


Although unusual and formulated the album feels natural, almost like a painting. Odelay is perfectly balanced and everything flows smoothly. Each element of every track acts as a brush stroke in the bigger portrait of the album and a step into new territory for alternative rock music.