CORD At Cannes Lions: Anna Wintour in Conversation with Christopher Bailey


Written by Hannah Ward, CORD London. 'I hold Anna is such high regards. Not because of her influence, but because her influence is a consequence of her brilliance' - said Christopher Bailey (C.E.O. of Burberry) as he introduced the Anna Wintour the Artistic Director of Condé Nast.

The key questions of the discussion were 'What does creativity mean in an age of twenty-four hour, fast, churning digital production?' and 'Is creativity being compromised in the new age of digital media?'

Anna spoke humorously and eloquently about her experience and knowledge in the field and how even the most long standing publications can keep their traditions, whilst still adapting to the ever changing landscape that social media is bringing.

There were 4 points to her discussion that should be held up as four commandments for achieving creativity in the rapid, digital age.


1.Take Time

Just because social feeds move so fast, it shouldn't compromise our time spent creating. We should invest our time and effort into outstanding, boundary-pushing work. Work that stands out for its artistry. Look at the film 'Boyhood', twelve years in the making and it swept the awards season. Is this surprising? Surely its success was not that of an underdog but could have been predicted by it's audactity and effort.


2.Be Sincere

Being true to yourself is frightening. It takes great confidence.

James Corden is the epitome of sincerity. For a U.K. comic, breaking the U.S. is one of the hardest tasks you will ever face in your career. Very few make it. James has been nothing but himself, pouring his enthusiastic, boyish charm, innocence and sincerity into his work - and it has done nothing but serve him.

Who you are cannot be broken and cannot be wrong. It should be you and your integrity at the heart of all you do.


3.Use All Your Gold As stand-alone people making our way in marketing, standing out and showing your individuality is the way to be noticed. There are so many obstacles in our way but each one of us has hidden talents, passions and knowledge in other fields that, if applied, can make our work different from the rest, giving it an edge that no one else could.

People want to feel like they have discovered something special and unique. So why not use what makes each of us that little bit different. Use ALL your gold.


4.Make Interesting Friends

The digital age is great for this. We can reach a global network at the click of a button, including that Mum with the chewbacca mask. We can remain in touch with our friends half way across the world. We can share our biggest life moments with those we care about at any time of the day. We can also follow the people we admire and those who inspire us.

Human interaction is pivotal in remaining informed and, well, human.

To summarise, we are in an unstoppable era. Things are changing so fast. The importance should be placed on the integrity and artistry behind our work. Quality is key. Next months Vogue cover star Amy Schumer, emulates brilliantly Anna's 4 commandments.

'Seize it. Embrace it. Enjoy it!' - Anna Wintour


In Conversation with Will Smith: Pursuit of Impact

A fast paced, action packed trailer of Will's A-class career built a sense of excitement in the room, as almost every age group has laughed, cried and followed Will Smith's career and personal life (when he's let us).

Jackie Cooper (Global Chair of Creative Strategy, Edelman) sits down with Will who is vivacious and just as excited as the crowd to be in the room.

The conversation was informal and centred around 'the importance of storytelling'. Will describes his childhood, when he first started created music, how his grandmother stopped him from profaning in his lyrics and the pivotal points that sky-rocketed his career. When creating, first think 'What would Grandma think about this?' and then 'What will everyone else think about this?'

This point is pivotal when creating. It's not just for you, it's a message, it's a story and your audience should be in your mind.  Storytelling through emotions is the key to engaging an audience. Universally relatable emotions such as intrigue and romance, will never get lost in translation.

Another key point in Will's message was making sure that the reason you are doing things is true. If you are pursuing something for the feeling of winning and not a passion for the process and product, it will inevitably show in your work.

Will describes points along his children's flourishing careers where he had to realise that their happiness and desires had to be priority over and above sticking to schedule or doing what might have been perceived at 'successful'. In order to portray emotions, and deliver impact, you need to have been impacted and feel emotions too.

He also mentioned the great importance, now so more than ever of making good work. In the 80's and 90's if you made a bad movie you would make a GREAT trailer, and you would be four days into your opening week before the press let everyone know it was bad. Now, people can tweet from the cinema and tell the world not to waste their money.

'Smoke and mirrors is over. People are going to know quickly and globally if your product isn't keeping promises, in such detail. Power is in the hand of the audience.' - Will Smith