CORD at Cannes Young Lions: Sex, Lies And Advertising


Written by Celine Vignes, CORD London.

This week, CORD’s rising stars are on the ground at Cannes Young Lions. Every day they are sharing their updates from the French Riviera, including summaries of the best talks and events.

Celine Vignes of CORD London writes about her top two talks. ‘Sex, Lies & Advertising’ hosted by Badger and Winters. And ‘Brian Checky in conversation with Joanna Coles’ hosted by HEARST.

Sex, Lies & Advertising

‘Madonna Badger, founder of the agency Badger and Winters, graced the stage at Cannes Lions to tell us how she got into advertising. Her speech started off with the tragic accident that killed her parents and her three daughters. A year after, Madonna convinced herself to continue living her life after having lost everything. She went back to work and started seeing life with different eyes.

In 2007, she came to the conclusion that innovation in marketing as having true empathy with consumers, and creating true emotional connections. In 2015, Badger and Winters had to pitch for an important beauty campaign. They organised a Listening Lab, an empathy-based creative process involving real women. They started to think about the differences between men and women within the work-space. They quickly came to the conclusion that the objectification of women was the cause of behavioural differences between genres.

After a quick Google search on women objectification, it was obvious that the responsible were. Advertisers. They launched this year a video to give voice to voiceless women in ads that objectifies them.

he response was huge, and so they did a second film to show the harm caused by the objectification of women in our society.

he impact was immense, with people engaged over 175 countries, and 31 million combined views on YouTube and Facebook.

Music of course played an important role in the videos, increasing their emotional power and successfully supporting the campaign’s message.

To continue her legacy, Madonna is pioneering a new and powerful film at Cannes this year. This time it focuses on the impact that the objectification of women has on children. She is also encouraging us to sign her Women Not Objects petition, which you will find here.


Brian Checky In Conversation With Joanna Coles

Brian is the co-founder and CEO at AirBnB, the brand driving a unique, community-led way to travel and experience the world. Brian drives the company's vision and growth strategy, and at this talk revealed that a staggering 1.3 million people were sleeping in an AirBnB that very night.

'It's not about the accommodation, it's about the people' Brian explains. In a time when so many countries are closing their borders and fearing ‘the other’, this is a powerful message. AirBnB maintain that people are fundamentally good and that a community based on the pillars of trust and openness, isn’t just possible, it’s alive and well.