Since 1998 we have been pioneering the field of audio branding. Our team of experts has led many of the World's top 100 brands through musical journeys of the highest standards. The film below describes our process for building music strategies for our clients.


The case study films below describe how we have developed and executed award-winning audio branding for our clients:

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Authored in 1999 by CORD CEO Daniel M Jackson, ‘Sonic Branding: An Introduction’ marked a seminal moment in the field of audio branding. The methodology for developing a music strategy was described for the very first time within the book, and has since become a common reference point for the global audio branding community.

In 2013, Daniel invited two industry experts to join him in writing ‘Hit Brands – How Music Builds Value For The World’s Smartest Brands’.  The book describes how brands can harness the power of music to bring value to businesses. Music has the power to make a brand instantly recognised and loved, and this book lets readers in on the secrets of how to create and execute successful music strategies with lasting impact. 

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